Christina Nakanishi, MSW, LCSW

Christina completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at San Diego State University. She has been providing counseling services to children, teenagers, adults and families for nine years. 


Christina's Story

Christina grew up in Hawaii. Being immersed in the Hawaiian culture and spirit both transformed and shaped her. After 16 years on Maui, Christina came to San Diego, CA to pursue her passion of helping others. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2006, she then pursued her Master’s Degree and received her Master’s of Social Work in 2009. Upon graduation Christina provided traditional counseling to individuals, families and couples. After much introspection, she began to realize that traditional counseling merely touched the surface of various issues that many of her client's were facing. Christina began to seek answers and explored ways that she could help her client’s at a much deeper level. It is at this time that Christina discovered Soul Memory Discovery. Christina was trained by Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW, LCSW and became certified as a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator in November, 2014. She was instantly touched by the work and Honoring Your Soul came to be. Soul Memory Discovery completely changed Christina’s outlook on counseling and enhanced her ability to guide her client’s to find hope and meaning in their lives. By using Soul Memory Discovery she began to empower her client’s to find their own healing and growth and continues to do so today.